Saturday, June 22, 2013

5 Simple Steps to Reconnect

We're spending more and more money on outdoor gear and clothing, yet we're actually spending less time outdoors. The outdoor industry has grown dramatically in the last 20 years, and during the same time period we have become ever more disconnected from nature. How can this be? Will we let it continue?

Here are five ways you can make a difference by reconnecting with nature.
  1. Grow a garden. It doesn't matter if you plant a half-acre vegetable garden or a few flowers in a patio box. What matters most is that you simply get your hands in the soil and care for your plants through their life-cycle.
  2. Look up. Get under some tall trees and just look up. Take your time, maybe get a chair or just lie down on the ground. Enjoy the green patchwork of leaves. Note various patterns by letting your eyes change your focus from branches to leaves to sky.
  3. Look down. Look carefully at the ground beneath your feet. Pick one small spot on the ground, maybe a foot square, and see what's there. Get down on your hands and knees. Poke and prod. You'll amazed at the small world that lies beneath our feet.
  4. Go for a walk. Get out in your neighborhood. Take your time. Saunter. Wander in wonder. Feel free to stop and look closely at whatever catches your attention. What kind of trees grow on your street? Are there wildflowers in bloom? Can you identify the songbirds you see? What's the weather like today?
  5. Share with a child. For a child to experience the wonders of nature, he or she needs an adult who will share it with them and encourage their natural curiosity. Do what you can to bring a child into contact with the natural world. Take a child in your life with you as you go for a walk. Maybe you'll be lucky and begin to see the world anew through their eyes.


  1. Mike, thanks for these good thoughts. I should be able to find a few minutes to share with my son in our back-back yard today!