Thursday, June 27, 2013

Desert Walk, 2007

Today, while it was 93ºF and very humid at my house, I was reminiscing about a desert hike where the air was so dry you couldn't even feel yourself sweat when it was 100ºF. This trip was with Boy Scout Troop 17 in the high desert of southwest New Mexico. This amazing trip was a total backcountry experience. We were out there for 7 days. There was no trail system. Navigation was just using map, compass, and GPS to go cross-country from point A to point B. The land was so dry you could only camp at the sites where there were established wells used for cattle ranching. The daily temperatures ranged from 100ºF in the afternoon down to about 50ºF at night. Double H was operated as a satellite of Philmont Scout Ranch on the other end of the state from 2004 to 2009.

Me with cactus
This was my first time out west, and I remember looking around that first day and saying, "I feel so lucky. I can't believe I'm here. This place is so amazing!" What is striking to me is how very different this land is and how marvelously the life here is adapted to the harsh, dry conditions. Life is wondrously diverse and beautiful.

Camp 1, Deep Well
Cactus flower

Aligator juniper

Elk antler

My tent at Camp 3

D Cross Mountain

Horned lizard

Desert mountain view

If you would like to see more, I have posted 150 photographs of this trip to my Flickr account in a Double H High Adventure set.

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