Saturday, June 22, 2013

Spirit of the Forest

For me, one of the great things about this blog is that I'm encouraged to take my own advice. I don't guess I'd be much of a nature advocate if I didn't regularly get outside myself! So today I worked on 4 of the suggestions in the post below, "5 Simple Steps to Reconnect."

After caring for the garden with water and admiration, I went for a walk around the trail through the hollow behind our house. In the spirit of Muir, I sauntered. I walked slowly and stopped often to look at things and soak it all in. I spent over an hour walking only about a mile. I wandered and marveled at the wonders of creation about me. Though the temperature was around 90ºF, I moved slowly enough that I was still comfortable. I saw--but mostly heard--turkeys noisily flying in the trees. I ran my hands across carpets of moss. I stopped to admire many big trees, wondering their age, and feeling honored to be in their presence. I gratefully breathed in the very air these big trees were breathing out. Breathing the spirit of the forest brings me peace and healing.

Sassafras leaf on moss

Looking up through Paw Paw leaves

This is our woodland chapel. Any time I'm here, this quiet spot
in the forest seems to stop me for a period of contemplation.

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