Friday, June 7, 2013

Wildness Surrounds Us

DSCN1271I have decided to begin a new blog to share my enthusiasm for walking ("sauntering," if you will) in wild places and to encourage others to experience the wonders of nature wherever they are. We all can experience the natural world somewhere. Whether it be a pristine wilderness, a backyard garden, a nearby park, or the concrete paths of the urban forest, wildness surrounds us. I believe that whoever we are, and wherever we find ourselves, it is vitally important that we recognize your connection with the natural world.

The writings here bear close relation to my previous blog, "View from the Hollow." I could spend a lot of space rambling on about why I felt to need to start another blog, but the simple truth is that it just seemed right. The main difference is that I now have a fairly clear purpose and mission; I want to share my passion for nature and hopefully to encourage others to get outdoors and experience the world firsthand. To that end, I make this first post. I hope that you will find something helpful here.

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