Friday, July 26, 2013

Sanctuary in the Trees

The other day I ran across these people who build all kinds of amazing tree houses, and I thought about how wonderful such a retreat would be. A well-built treehouse would be an airy sanctuary in the trees.

Temple of the Blue Moon
This tree house is called Temple of the Blue Moon and is at a retreat center called TreeHouse Point in Washington. It sits partway up a 300-year-old, 160-foot-tall Sitka Spruce and boasts skylights and built-in cedar beds.

As wonderful as a treehouse would be, I still think I would prefer simply to build a replica of Thoreau's Walden Pond cabin. Although we do have big and old trees in our woods, the logistics of building and maintaining a safe treehouse would be tremendous. All things considered, I think I would prefer to stay on terra firma and think Henry's thoughts after him. Of course, I can't help but think of Thoreau's famous summary paragraph about putting foundations under our castles built in the air

Nestled in the forest, Thoreau's cabin would still be a sanctuary in the trees. It would just be more, well, down-to-earth or grounded, if you will. The Walden house is basic and simple, which was Thoreau's whole point.

Replica of Thoreau's house at Walden Pond

Thoreau's house in the woods at Walden Pond

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