Friday, July 19, 2013

Wilderness is at our doorstep

I have come to the conclusion that I am something of a wandering homebody. A woodland wayfarer at heart, I also love nothing more than hearth and home with my family. Fortunately, answering the call of the wild does not necessarily mean forsaking home and family. True nature and wildness is at our very doorstep.

Boots and walking sticks
Boots and walking sticks at the front door
I have found that spending time in nature is vital to my sanity. I know that I am healthier when I can often get outside and feel the sun and the wind and the rain. I also know that wilderness is not limited to majestic far away lakes and mountains. One doesn't need to live next to a national park to walk daily in wild places. Getting away from the constant lights and noise of the city is good, but anywhere outdoors will do, whether it be a city park, a nearby woods, or a forgotten hedgerow. The birds that visit my feeder are just as wild as those who live deep in the forest. The moss growing in a corner of the yard is home to a myriad of creatures that would take a lifetime to know, if only I would take the time to see.

The beauties of nature are not somewhere else, but all around us. All we must do is walk out the door and see. Go ahead! Walk out the door and experience the wonder. Nature is not far off. Wilderness is at our doorstep.

Our trailhead
Backyard Trailhead

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