Thursday, October 3, 2013

Pick a Pretty Spot for Lunch

Pick a pretty spot for lunch and your soul will be fed along with your stomach. Today, this was my lunchtime view as I rested and enjoyed a fresh pasta salad. More than just calories to keep me going, this lunch was a delight to be savored.

My lunch yesterday, on the other hand, was cheese whiz on tortillas eaten hurriedly on a random trailside log. I hadn't planned a lunch stop, just figuring I'd "eat when I'm hungry." But never getting the signal for hunger, I had pushed myself too long when I realized I was running on empty and needed to eat. Rather than refreshment, lunch became just another task, and it was all I could do to eat it.

And so I learned a valuable lesson about stopping for lunch. Don't treat it like it's a racetrack pit-stop. Make lunch an occasion to be anticipated and enjoyed, and it will pay you back in ways that cannot be counted in calories and carbohydrates.
Lunch stop on the trail at Montgomery Bell State Park.
This photo was taken with my iPhone. My camera battery had died and I didn't bring a spare.

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