Tuesday, November 26, 2013

the clever trout

the clever trout
—John Leax

[A friend just said something that brought this poem to mind, and so I decided to post it here to share the thoughtful musing of John Leax. He has provided much inspiration to me although he is not so well known.]

The clever trout that nips
the mayfly from the air
is quick to praise
the maker of his sight.
His speckled side
reflects the light;
he swims as he
was made to swim.

The slender popple
at the meadow’s edge
is in the Spirit
also giving praise.
Its lean into the wind,
its supple ways
declare it stands
as it was made to stand.

The raucous jay,
that scolding streak
of blue, gives warning
to the quiet wood.
He knows my nature
is not good.
“Beware,” he cries
as he was made to cry.

From these, O Lord,
the creatures of your love’s
abundance, let me learn
to forsake
the wild desire that drove
my father Adam to shake
the garden tree and claim
a glory of his own.

Before them, strike
me dumb.  Let me see them
as you made them
in delight.
Then give me grace
to praise as well your bright
presence as the trout,
the popple, and the jay.

*John Leax, Out Walking: Reflections on Our Place in the Natural World (Grand Rapids, Mich.: Baker Books, 2000): 71-72.

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