Saturday, December 7, 2013

Each Day a New Season

"The winters come now as fast as snowflakes. It is wonderful that old men do not lose their reckoning. It was summer, and now again it is winter." — Henry Thoreau, Dec 7, 1856
No matter how old I get, the changing of the seasons is continually a thing of wonder to me. As I walk through the seasons, it's hard to believe I am still in the same forest.

Some of my friends complain about the weather and the season's change. "It's too cold for this time of year!" "It's too hot." "Crazy weather. It just isn't right!" I enter into their conversation about the weather and report what it's doing in my neck of the woods, but they get no "amen" from me on their assessment. I think the changing of the seasons—often as quickly as one day to the next—is a wonderful thing, and I delight in it and give thanks for it. Nature is a constant wonder, and each day a new season.





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