Saturday, December 21, 2013

Winter Solstice

What a strange Winter Solstice! It was 72º at our house today, and I was warm walking in a t-shirt and jeans. As I walked, I was struck by the beauty in the coppery leaves still hanging on beech trees like ornaments. These rattling decorations will remain on the lower limbs throughout the winter. I was also struck with a new holly sprout that is coming up from root-stock that I've been told is 50 years old. I have always loved holly and have been planting starts of it around my house.

I can’t help but notice that many of my Christian friends regard the Winter Solstice with suspicion. I feel this distrust is unwarranted. I am Christian, and I celebrate Winter Solstice, not as a pagan holiday or as some kind of secular anti-Christmas, but as a day to appreciate the wonders of nature. To me, the Winter Solstice is merely a blaze on the trail, a milepost on our journey round the sun. When I observe the Winter Solstice, it is as a celebrant of the Keeper of the moon and the stars, the Maker of days and seasons.

New holly sprout coming up from 50 year old root-stock

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