Friday, March 7, 2014

Forest Fire at Dawn

Pushing the button on the machine, I turned to stumble back to bed while the coffee brewed. Turning my sleepy body toward the window, my unfocused gaze snapped to attention and I was fully awake. The forest was engulfed in fiery blaze! I thought to get my camera, but I could do nothing but stand and look, transfixed by the waves of orange and gold consuming each and every tree.

It lasted only a minute and it was over. The light of the rising sun shifted, and the scene returned to normal. Just like that, with nary a wisp of smoke, the fire was gone. But I had seen it with my own eyes. For a moment the curtain was open, and I had glimpsed the trees singing in fire.

All the trees of the forest sing for joy,
even in the common woods
beside my small barn.

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