Saturday, July 19, 2014

Five Minutes

Even a rainy morning has its beauty for those prepared to receive it.

Yesterday before work I was on the front porch listening to the morning—mourning dove, the steady beat of raindrops, a noisy crow, a few chattering chickadees—when a hummingbird instantly appeared, hovering not 3 feet from my face, then darting to the nearby feeder hanging on our porch. Turning my head only slightly, I watched her feed for 30 seconds before she chirped once and flew off, disappearing at once into the trees, a tiny whir of wings no bigger than a fleeting thought.

These things are all common everyday wonder, and I was able to enjoy the wonder only because I was there, on that porch, still, for only 5 minutes. These moments happen all around us all the time. Too bad we're usually too busy to notice.

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