Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Night Forest

Some of my best thinking (or not thinking) is done standing alone at night in a dark woods. Few things are as sanative to my spirit. My mind wanders from thought to thought, sometimes paying great attention to my surroundings and sometimes not. When the experience is best, I am not so much thinking as feeling, soaking it all in until my mind is at peace, and the forest somehow becomes a part of me.

My wife thinks I sometimes loose track of time when I'm out in the woods. Maybe she's right. Or maybe it's just that time here is different. There's little difference between an hour and a minute to a tree. The sun rises and sets. Each moment is new and yet timeless. The forest is ever changing and always the same, and it is that perspective that steadies my mind against that which pretends to be most pressing and urgent.

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