Saturday, August 16, 2014

A Joyous Hurrah!

DSCN6183Travelling alone during a recent trip, instead of a motel room, I slept next to the French Broad River in a campground a little north of Asheville, North Carolina. Before retiring to my tent that night, I sat in the dark on a rock at water's edge for quite some time. Captivated by the music of the rushing river, my need to rise early the next morning is all that pushed me into the tent. I think I would have sat there for hours otherwise. The water brought to mind a newly noticed quote from John Muir, which I was able to look up by flashlight and enjoy again. I was glad I had brought my book, and—thanks to Muir's suggestion—I drifted off to sleep in the cool night air filled with singing.

"Here is a cascade two hundred feet wide, half a mile long, glancing this way and that, filled with bounce and dance and joyous hurrah, yet honest as a tempest, and singing like angels loose on a frolic from heaven." — John Muir, Letter to Mrs. Carr, October 8, 1872.

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