Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Saunter

DSCN6834To my mind, one of the best things about Christmas is that our shops and normal places of business are closed. At the heart of every holiday is rest. The best holidays force a Sabbath rest upon us, at least for a few hours. This cessation of normal work is really a gift for those who will receive it. A holiday brings the chance to do nothing and not feel guilty. For me, holidays often include walks, and they are best when they're more random wandering than anything else. A holiday gives the chance not merely to hike, or to walk, but to saunter.

Wild sauntering is a way of being that allows my senses to wander more than my feet. Though I may have destination and plan, I give my attention to beauty rather than to pace and clock. Regardless of miles or speed, my most successful hikes include long moments lost in wonder. I measure journeys in moments, not miles.

Beauty is everywhere about us, and doesn't have to be spectacular to capture. For me, the subtle beauty of light and shadow in a common forest can be as wonderful as any grand and majestic vista. When I am really sauntering, true beauty is found in common places. Indeed, beauty is everywhere wild nature lives, and having the time to saunter converts holidays into holy days.





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