Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Common Wildness

I often wonder, what is wildness really? Clearly a wolf hunting its prey in the boreal forest is wild. But isn't the robin hunting in my yard as wild as the wolf? The robin comes and goes as it wills, paying little attention to me and my life. Too often I think we associate "wild" with that which is merely uncommon. Isn't the dandelion in my yard (whether I want it there or not) a wild neighbor? Even if one lives in a totally human-dominated place, like the city or a sprawling suburb, wild nature is there. Nature may be harder to find, but it is most definitely there. Clearly then, one need not travel to distant lands to enjoy wild creatures. True wildness is all around us and can be enjoyed by all. To enjoy the wonder of wild things, all one must do is decide to look.

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