Saturday, February 28, 2015

Late Winter Hike

Sauntering toward Wildcat Hollow
I went for a 6 mile hike around the "north loop" (M. Bell trail and Creech Hollow Trail) at Montgomery Bell State Park this afternoon. I had hoped to hike the entire 11 mile M. Bell trail, but it turned out I really didn't have time. I got a late start and the walking was much slower than expected. I just hadn't thought about the effect our recent snow and ice would have (lesson learned, hopefully). The trail was icy or muddy in several places. The easternmost side of the loop follows a road which was extremely muddy, sloppy, and slow.

I was a beautiful, warm, sunny day, and I very much enjoyed my time on the trail. It felt really good to just get out and walk.

Despite the sunshine, I had the entire trail all to myself and thoroughly enjoyed the day. I got a close-up view of many of birds, along with a few squirrels, chipmunks, and a deer. My mind also wandered to future hiking plans, and I sauntered lightly on many a trail unknown, happy to know I'll be doing a lot more hiking this year.

Wildcat Shelter

Wildcat Hollow Creek

Wildcat Hollow Creek

Mud and Ice

Ice and Pine Needles

Stream Flowing into Creek Hollow Lake

Creech Hollow Lake

Frozen Cove in Creech Hollow Lake

Very poor trail conditions at this routinely wet spot

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