Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Ephemeral Beauty

We speak of beauty as if it is rare, but I am beginning to suspect that beauty may be all around us all the time. It is we who seldom notice and miss out on extraordinary common beauty. I think I caught a glimpse of such beauty on a recent winter morning. 

Stepping outside into the cold predawn air, as if somehow I could be closer to the moon, I felt truly privileged to witness such beauty. The word “luminous” should be reserved for such moments. Waiting on my morning coffee, I had glanced out the window and noticed the evolving scene in the forest. The setting moon had filled the forest with a sublime beauty, and I was drawn outdoors into the lunar glow. Ignoring the cold, still I stood, captivated as the round moon slipped through the trees and behind the hill. 

Before I poured my second cup it was gone. But I was there. I had noticed.

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