Monday, March 2, 2015

Scoutmaster Resignation

Today I have learned how much courage it can take to do not what everybody expects or wants of me, but that which I know I must do for myself. Tonight I told my Scouts that I would no longer be their Scoutmaster. It was much harder and yet simpler than I thought it would be. The time has come. I must make room in my life for some things that have been waiting far too long.

Besides having more time for my beautiful and amazing wife, I want need to leave more time for my own hiking. Obviously, Scoutmastering and hiking are not mutually exclusive—not at all. But after nearly 13 years as a Scout leader, it has taken its toll on me and I need a break. After maybe too much delay, I have finally made the commitment to free myself for new adventures, wherever they may be.

And, yes, this all relates to the things I shared in my post on Jan. 5 that I called "Sauntering in a New Direction."

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