Monday, March 30, 2015

Why not worship the Creator outdoors?

Encouragement and confirmation from Calvin Miller:
"Many of us have cut ourselves off from the great outdoors—God's good creation. We live in an artificial environment of concrete, steel, plastic, and glass. We often move from air-conditioned house to climate controlled-car through the concrete jungle to the cubicle 'farm' of the office or the numbing sameness of the megamall. We literally don't even stop to smell the roses. No wonder we exhibit little creature praise!
Why not let the example of the Celts inspire us? We can begin in small ways by taking walks, planting flowers, enjoying the melodious birds and peering at the twinkling stars. On weekends we can honor our Creator by exploring a park or swimming in a lake or hiking a nature trail. Shortly we may find our lives of praise blossoming and our relationship to the triune Creator God growing ever deeper and more solid." — Calvin Miller, The Path of Celtic Prayer, p.111.

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