Thursday, April 2, 2015

Avoiding Nature

Even the briefest walk in nature is refreshing. Most people recognize this. Why then do we structure our lives and our time to avoid walking outdoors? Why do we put up with a society where a person can go through an entire day without ever stepping foot outside? As a culture we treat time in nature like it's something we can do without, at most a place for recreation during holidays.

In the name of comfort, we go from protective houses to air conditioned cars that we use to get to parking garages connected to our place of work where we spend our entire day before speeding home after grabbing a bite to eat at the drive-through so we can hurry home to park ourselves in front of television and computer screens to catch up with what's going in the world. We no more feel the air on our face than a worker bee assigned to live out its life inside the hive. There is a wild world living right outside the window, and most of the time we don't even know it.

I find that even a 10 minute walk helps my mind and spirit. If I can walk longer, the effect is greater because my body also gets into the act also. Such a walk can change my perspective on the whole day and rejuvenate and prepare me for the unavoidable busyness of our hectic world. The real question is why don't I make sure I take this super-vitamin every day?

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