Friday, July 17, 2015

Be Still

Go for a walk, pick a spot, along the way, and stop. Just stop. It doesn't much matter where. It can be in the woods, or a park, someplace wild, or even your own backyard, as long you can be still. And stop. Just stop.

Stay there. Listen. Look. Relax. Let your mind, your heart, and your spirit relax. Sit long enough to feel what this place is like. Know what it is to be here, at this spot, at this hour. Soon you will begin to notice things you hadn't noticed before, a passing cloud, a salamander, the shadow of a fern, a cool breeze gentle as breathing.

Sometimes you can see as much in an hour of sitting as in miles and miles of walking. This is true in the forest, and I suspect it may be true most everywhere. It takes time to truly see. To experience a place, you must learn to be still.

Be still. And then be still. 

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