Monday, August 24, 2015

The Hiker

"The hiker can go without combing his hair or shaving and will be accepted as perfectly normal. He can get dirty and his friends will still speak to him jovially. His clothes may be in tatters, and people will think nothing of it. If there happens to be a little rock dust on his shirt or trousers, or if his clothes are a trifle torn, so much the better. Of such stuff are hiking heroes made. The hiker doesn’t have to have to talk very much, say witty things, hold a glass in his hands, or laugh lightly at banalities. His is a world of opposites, and no one cares or worries about it." — Ann and Myron Sutton, The Appalachian Trail: Wilderness on the Doorstep, 1967

Troop/Crew 17 at the end of a week in the desert in southwest New Mexico in 2007

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