Saturday, January 9, 2016

A Gift without Agenda

After decades of working retail most Saturdays, I had learned to have no idea what a blessing a regular day off could be. I believe work is a blessing too, but rest is just as necessary. I now know that a schedule-free Saturday is a gift, and I intend to use them wisely. Maybe I'll fix something, write a letter, or go for walk, but I won't make it a day where the work is simply moved from the office to our home. 

As I write, it is nearly 11:00 a.m., and I am excited to see how the day will unfold. After a good night's sleep, I awoke at 6:00 this morning. Being wide awake, I drank coffee, enjoyed breakfast, looked out the windows, and wished I had more seed for the bird feeders. Then I read an article and scrolled through Facebook before grabbing a favorite blanket and taking a gratuitous nap. I have a few other things I want to do today, but there is no to-do list.

A day with no agenda clears the cobwebs from my brain, and prepares me for the rigors of another workweek. This day becomes a gift. It is a true sabbath. And I am thankful. 

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