Saturday, February 6, 2016

Shared Space (whether we notice or not)

A fox calling from the east,
where the moon also rises
through the trees,
reminds me
that we share this land. 

The fox calls,
and I perceive that most
of my neighbors are wild,
and free. 

Rarely heard,
seldom seen,
silent as fog or shadow,
the foxes are there
and surely unaware of our ignorance. 

There is a whole unseen world out there,
a parallel universe as real as our own,
full of love and lust,
boredom and routine,
hunger and plenty.

Salamanders and beetles, 
wildflowers and wildcats,
mushrooms, bears,
and deer mice—most of life happens
without our knowledge or influence.

I keep watch. I am glad
there are foxes.

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