Monday, March 28, 2016

Beauty Enough

Following a rain, a luminous glow reveals the inconspicuous beauty of a cluster of Boxelder flowers. Surely these delicate ornaments usually go unnoticed, but I am beginning to think such unobserved grace and loveliness fills our world whether we notice or not. 

This raises the question of why there should there be such unnecessary beauty? What good comes of unseen charm? Does it exist simply on the chance that I may see? Is there an advantage to being beautiful if there is no admirer? Is the purpose of the Boxelder's beauty simply to delight the eye of an unseen Creator? Does beauty exist simply for its won sake?

I don't know. I am no theologian, and I am certainly no philosopher, but I think maybe it is enough for me to know that such beauty exists, and to know it not only exists, but is common. Maybe the beauty of common Boxelder is enough.

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