Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Collective Wisdom

I learn from writing, but I learn much more from reading. I only have one brain, and writing helps. Through the magic of reading, however, I can learn from many minds. Reading is one of the best ways we can tap into our collective wisdom. To ignore this is foolish at best and maybe even arrogant at its worst.

Saturday, June 18, 2016


Right before my eyes 
in the morning sun 
a pale brown chip of wood,
or maybe it's a leaf,
tilts in the breeze
folding itself in half 
slowly opening 
and folding again 
until suddenly it
lifts into the air 
and flies away
a butterfly unseen. 

And now transformed my eyes see
clearly the beauty 
for what it really is
— a metamorphosis of vision. 

Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Best Sunscreen

Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy, but trees make the best sunscreen. 

#WildSaunter #Trees #Sunshine #Sunscreen #sunshineonmyshoulders #johndenver

Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Trees in Our Forest

This afternoon I pulled out my well-read copy of Bernd Heinrich's book, The Trees in My Forest. I think I may eventually have to write my own version of "the trees in our forest." To be honest, I don't feel like I know them well enough, but the project could be a way to know them better.

Weird Weather

So I hear this is the second year in a row Texas has been hit with 500 year flooding. That's kind of weird, huh? The death and destruction is tragic. 

Also, there was record breaking flooding in Europe this week, killing at least 15 in France, Germany, Romania, and Belgium. The Louvre art museum in Paris hastily moved thousands of stored pieces to upper levels of the building to protect it from the flooding river Seine. The Mona Lisa was already safely on an upper floor. 

I could go on and on with this list of environmental disasters, but over half my friends are already irritated. They like it when I share pretty pictures of nature, but they take another view when I suggest we should do something to save it or in any way change our ways. It's even worse if I suggest we reverence and bear responsibility for the care of creation. At that point I'm obviously in league with the crazy environmentalists. 

It's okay. And I think I get where you're coming from. And I'm sure we'll adapt to climate change. Or not.