Sunday, February 5, 2017

Walking to see and feel

Shagbark Hickory
When going in to nature, do not go first to capture photographs, or even to write. Go first to see and feel. The pictures and words will come on their own.

Today I took my own advice, left the iPhone at home, and went for a walk of a couple hours down to the river and back. It was wonderful.


Harpeth River



Moon caught in the branches

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Spring's Harbinger

Today the first wildflower of the year, Harbinger-of-Spring (Erigenia bulbosa), appeared as a tangible reminder that springtime is coming. This tiny, aptly-named wildflower is always the first in our woods. It is also sometimes called Pepper-and-Salt because of the appearance of its flowers. They say its roots are edible, but I've never tried them. I usually see the first flowers about this time of year, but they'll continue blooming throughout early spring.